Saturday, April 17, 2010

UCD SOM Revisit Weekend

   Today and yesterday was the "re-look" event for UC Davis School of Medicine.  It was AMAZING!  I already knew I wanted to go to UCD for sure, but this was really just a confirmation that I belong there.  The mission of the school, the vibe, everything... it's all just so perfect!

   We spent a lot of time mingling with our future classmates and the current med students, and I really feel like I am going to fit in.  UCD is such a family, and I love that!  I know that I have the type of personality that I need to be surrounded by supportive friends to succeed in school, and I know I am going to get that there.  The classes are pretty small (about 95 ish per grade) so everyone knows eachother, which I LOVE!  It's kinda like joining a sorority again haha.

   Also, S ( my future roomie) and I went house hunting, which was really fun!  All of the houses are old and super cute!  We really really liked one, but we are not sure if its the one we will go for yet.  It is everything we want, except the ONLY problem with it is its on the side of campus where the neighborhood isn't amazing.  I mean, it's only a block or so from the school, so the neighborhood is fine, but if you go further down, the neighborhood gets pretty sketchy (Oak Park).  Either way, there are a lot of cute places out there, so I'm sure something will work out!

   I still have to pinch myself everyday because I don't believe this is all happening to me!  I feel like my life is finally starting, and I actually feel like I am becoming an adult for once.  It's a pretty awesome feeling.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back from Cabo!

I can't believe it's already week three of Spring Quarter!  Cabo was a BLAST and way too short.  I had an amazing time eating, drinking, and tanning with some great company! :)

 At one point, we walked into Nowhere Bar and were immediately ushered to the VIP section, complete with complimentary bottle of champagne with a sparkler coming out of its top... Is this real life?

Okay, so I am not really gonna take the time to explain the rest because I'm too lazy, but here are the gems from the trip:
So That pretty much sums up our amazing trip!