Sunday, May 9, 2010

Home is Where the Heart is!

My roomie and I have found a house for next year!  It is a fabulous two bedroom right down the street from the med school, and its so cute! I will post pics as soon as I move in.  The only downside is that the landlord needed to rent it ASAP, so our lease starts May 15th.  That means we have to start paying rent for a month before I can even move in!  Oh well, we really like the place, so it will be worth it in the long run!  I can't wait to start buying furniture and decorating!  And hopefully I will get to bring my cat! (Crossing my fingers that my roomie isn't allergic).  So as soon as I move back after graduation, I can already start moving in and getting things situated, but also living with my parents and spending time with my family before school starts.  At least I will for sure have something to do now! :P  Steph and I want to start a vegetable garden, so I am definitely going to take that time to read up on gardening and maybe start things off! Exciting!!!!!

We are already heading into 7th week here at UCLA... 7th week! Can you believe it?!  This quarter is going by way faster than I ever anticipated!  I have been trying to spend lots of time with all my friends before I leave... I'm really gonna miss everyone!

Tomorrow Howard is taking senior portraits if Juliette and I, so that should be fun! I am excited!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I went to Vegas last weekend with 9 Gamma Phi's.  It was a blast!  Here are a few gems from the trip:

HAHAHA Poor Marrin.....