Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot And Never Brought To Mind

   Another year has come and gone.  It seems like each year of my life keeps going by faster and faster.  2013 was the year I turned 25 - a quarter century of life - and I can't believe how far I've come so far.  This last year was a year of self-realization, hard work, tangible progress, and self-rediscovery.  But most of all, 2013, especially towards the end, was a year of recharge, which was much needed after my 2012.

The year BF and I raised our puppy, Melvin

The year of many puppy dates with our friends

The year J visited me several times :)

The year we went camping in Oregon - for the 3rd time

The year of "google hang-outs" with old UCLA dorm friends

The year I attended a special MSFC conference

The year I visited H in Atlanta
The year I visited E in LA
The year I saw all my Gphi girls in LA
The year I re-discovered my creative side

The year I hosted an MSFC potluck at my house

The year BF and I rocked our sub-i's :P

The year I took and passed Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS

The year I traveled all over for interviews... including the Bay Area

... and Chicago

... And Philly

... and Boston

The year I worked my butt off creating an original research project, while simultaneously also working on someone else's project
The year I visited my sister in SF

   What a great year 2013 was! I can't wait to see what's in store for 2014.  

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Connecticut

   I spent my second Christmas in Connecticut with BF and his family this year, and it was lovely!  We had a great time relaxing and vegging out, especially after traveling so much for interviews.  Then we came back home, celebrated Christmas (again) and New Year's Eve with my family, and now we are enjoying our free time.  I am enjoying this time off so much it's not even funny.  I had December off too, but it seemed like I was always traveling for interviews during that time.  The last two weeks of having no responsibilities have been heaven.  I've actually had time to do fun stuff like see high school friends, see family, arts & crafts time, re-read the Harry Potter series (I'm on book 5) and clean the house up a bit.

Giant gummy bear my parents got him

Christmas part II at my parents' house

Sif modeling while we were away

Lovely scrapbook BF's mom made us

I'm so into the "coven" look right now...

Fancy wine BF's friend gave him

Playing with my new lens BF got me

Annual Christmas Eve lobster dinner!

Listening for the lobster screams

Tasty treat

Annual Christmas Eve lobster dinner!

Searching for the Christmas tree pickle

Searching for the Christmas tree pickle

I won again!

BF making his famous apple pie

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Dilemma 35,000 Feet High

   I just got off a connecting flight to my next interview, and unlike all of my other flights so far, this flight was quite eventful.  About 20 minutes into the 2-hour flight, a flight attendant called out over the loudspeaker for any "doctors or other health professionals".  My adrenaline immediately started pumping.

   I'm thinking, "Should I say something?  I mean, I'm only a 4th year medical student.  I know some stuff, but I don't know as much as an experienced, licensed physician.  Although, I suppose I know a lot more than a flight attendant or lay-person.  Are there any other physicians on the plane? There are three other 4th year medical students on the plane too (one classmate, and two others that I met just prior to the flight), so all together, we equal a real doctor, right?  Even if one of us does volunteer to help, would they want our help even though we don't officially have our M.D. and don't have licenses yet?  In addition, I think that some Good Samaritan Laws protect those that provide assistance, but I think that some don't cover "non-medical professionals".  Could we potentially be sued since we are just MS4s?"

   But before I could even decide whether or not to go up, an obese, greasy guy in sweats sitting near me immediately hit his call button, heading up to the front of the plane.  I think to myself, "Oh, I suppose he is a doctor!  Well, I'll watch from here and see if he needs help."

   A few minutes later, my classmate (who is going into Orthopedic Surgery) walks up, saying that the flight attendant informed him that the guy volunteering was a respiratory therapist.  He went up to the front of the plane to provide assistance, and together, him and the RT assessed the patient*, put her on oxygen, and they decided she was stable enough to make it the entire flight.

   I'm glad everything worked out okay, but I felt so guilty afterward.  I mean, I wasn't trying to avoid helping, I just figured they didn't need me.  I thought that guy who volunteered first was a doctor since he was so gung-ho about it.  I suppose I should have just asked him if he needed help, just in case.  Oh well, woulda coulda shoulda.  I know there are a lot of people out there who like to show off that they have the tiniest bit of medical training, and though well-intentioned, I think these people can be more harmful than helpful at times.  I guess I'm trying to avoid being one of these people, though I'm almost a doctor... so I really do sorta know what I'm doing, right?

   Anyone else ever been in a situation like this?  What would you have done?

* She ended up being an elderly woman with CHF who was having severe anxiety

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cooking Up A Storm

   One of my favorite things to do to relax is to cook.  Oh yeah, and I guess it doesn't hurt I love to eat too.  I love trying new recipes, returning to old favorites, and best of all - EATING IT ALL YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY!  Just kidding, I always share.  Here are some of the fab things I've cooked in the last few months.  Can't wait to cook (and eat) more! In case you are feeling adventurous, or just hungry, I've included the links to some of the recipes.

Homemade bread bowls, Jalapeno corn chowder

Ok, I didn't make this one. Apple cider bar by my cousin, pumpkin cupcake by my sister.

Thanksgiving offerings: Apple pie by BF, rosemary bread by me, blackberry thyme goat cheese ice cream by me.
* Rosemary Bread
* Blackberry Thyme Goat Cheese Ice Cream

Eggs benedict for BF's bday
* Eggs Benedict 

MSFC potluck at my house.  Gruyere herb scones, rosemary bread, and cucumber sandwiches by me
Beet burgers

Habanero mango hot sauce
* Habanero Mango Hot Sauce

* After posting this, I realized how much cooler it would be if I actually linked you to the recipes! So, I've included the ones that are available online! Unfortunately, some of them aren't online, but if you're DYING to know, I can email you or upload them somehow :)