Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Connecticut

   I spent my second Christmas in Connecticut with BF and his family this year, and it was lovely!  We had a great time relaxing and vegging out, especially after traveling so much for interviews.  Then we came back home, celebrated Christmas (again) and New Year's Eve with my family, and now we are enjoying our free time.  I am enjoying this time off so much it's not even funny.  I had December off too, but it seemed like I was always traveling for interviews during that time.  The last two weeks of having no responsibilities have been heaven.  I've actually had time to do fun stuff like see high school friends, see family, arts & crafts time, re-read the Harry Potter series (I'm on book 5) and clean the house up a bit.

Giant gummy bear my parents got him

Christmas part II at my parents' house

Sif modeling while we were away

Lovely scrapbook BF's mom made us

I'm so into the "coven" look right now...

Fancy wine BF's friend gave him

Playing with my new lens BF got me

Annual Christmas Eve lobster dinner!

Listening for the lobster screams

Tasty treat

Annual Christmas Eve lobster dinner!

Searching for the Christmas tree pickle

Searching for the Christmas tree pickle

I won again!

BF making his famous apple pie


  1. Happy New Year! Love the photos! Looks like you had a wonderful and carefree holiday! That's wonderful! :)

  2. Aw, I love Connecticut! I've only been there in the summer though. My dream is to be there for a white Christmas one day. Love your photos :)