Sunday, October 20, 2013

And We're Off!

   Tomorrow is my very first interview for residency.  I was planning on driving straight there in the morning (2 hours WITHOUT traffic), but then I came to my senses, and decided to split a hotel room with J right down the street.  It's much less stressful this way.  

   Waiting for interview invitations has been an emotional roller-coaster.  One minute I'm staying positive, being patient.  Other times I'm on board the panic train, full steam ahead.  Let's just say that interview invitations have been trickling in - but excruciatingly slowly.  I met with my advisor, and even she was surprised about the places I haven't heard from yet.  I think this year is just really competitive, and it doesn't help that 9 people from my school are applying for OB/Gyn, so I'm automatically ranked against them.  Anyway, I think it will all work out in the end.  I keep hearing that invites will continue coming even through December, many of them last minute, so I still have hope.  

   I'm very excited (and really nervous) for my first interview tomorrow.  I hope they like me, and I hope I am able to give a good impression of myself.  As I was driving to the hotel tonight with my favorite girls - Lana Del Rey, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood - I couldn't help but smile.  This whole process is such an adventure, and there's nothing else like it!  I'm really trying to enjoy the whole journey.  I'm sure I'll look back on this one day and laugh.  It's something that we all have to go through to get to the next step in medicine!  Wish me luck!

J looking up jokes in case they ask for one on the interview lol

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Medical Monday!

   Hello everyone! Happy Medical Monday! Head on over to Your Doctor's Wife for the blog hop. 

 Hope everyone is doing well.  I'm still waiting for interviews for residency programs... *sigh* Not much else new going on with me. 

Anyway, the other day I realized that I won't be scrubbing in to the OR until March, and I won't be touching any patients until next month (I'm on Radiology now), sooooo naturally I took this chance to get my nails done!