Monday, June 21, 2010

A day at the University Falls

Today J and I drove up to the Georgetown/Quintette area and hiked to the University Falls.  Basically they are 5 or so big natural waterfalls in the middle of the mountains.  Because they are so far buried in the forest (it takes 90 minutes to hike each way), they are a pretty well-kept secret, not many people know about them, which makes it great because they are usually not too crowded.  


Today was the most crowded I had ever seen them, but i think that is because a group of boy scouts or whatever was there.  They were behind us for part of our hike and reminded J and I why we don't want kids haha.

Anyway, it was a very fun trip.  I drove there for the first time, and we were able to find it fairly easily thanks to some directions on some outdoor excursion website I found.  The roads were a little on the windy side (windy as in curvy, not as in the weather being windy haha).  But thankfully my car was very cooperative!  I am always afraid that thing is gonna tip, but it was good!

Five weeks left of this particular chapter of my life

First week of my short summer vacation: done.  There was a lot of couch-sitting and tv-watching, but I managed to get a few things accomplished.  Found some furniture online for the new place, set up utilities for when we move in, spent time with my sister, got a free spray tan from my amazing cousin, etc.  Not bad, not bad.  Towards the end of the week, I was just starting to get a little bit bored.  So I am gonna have to start forcing myself to do more with my precious time.

Have you ever felt extremely bored, but at the same time, you are too lazy to do anything and nothing really sounds fun... yeah I hate that.  Sometimes I get like that.  But I think next time that happens I will take the dogs for a walk, go on a bike ride, or something.  :)  Problem solved.

Relaxing has been really awesome.  I will probably never get to do nothing to this extent again, so I should savor it!!!

Tomorrow, Juliette and I are adventuring to the University Falls, which is a really cool hike a little past Auburn.  I have been there a few times, but its been a long time since I've gone and I have never driven there on my own or been the "guide" per say, so it should be interesting.  I think the two of us can manage though.  We are both pretty street smart.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So one of the things I decided I would like for med school was a bike, so that I can ride it to class. I decided I would like to go with a cruiser since they are so cute and Sac is mostly flat.  After eyeing them online at stores and on Craigslist, I found a really cute one for only $84 at Walmart (yes, I have heard how bad shopping at Walmart is.  But for now, while funds are limited, I prefer to remain ignorantly bliss!)  Anyhoo, I finally decided to order it, but yesterday when I went online, they were out of stock of the one I wanted, and it was supposedly only sold in stores.  Naturally, I was very disappointed and regretted not ordering it earlier, but I decided to check out the Walmart across the street from my parents' house to see what bikes they had in stock.  Low and behold, sitting right in the middle of the bike aisle was the exact cruiser I saw online that was supposedly not sold in stores!  Obviously I swooped in and bought that sucker on the spot!  I took it out for its first joy ride today, and it was amazing!  Great purchase!  I can't wait to ride it to class!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Six Weeks of Nothing

 So today is the first day of my six weeks of break before starting my first year of medical school.  I watched ER and a bunch of other mindless tv, tool my sister to the mall and then to her friends house, and took a three hour nap.  My life is boring.  Haha, not gonna lie, it kinda feels nice to do absolutely nothing though.  My goals for these few weeks I have off are:
-wash my car
-read a shit ton of books
-watch a shit ton of tv/movies
-shop for furniture/stuff for my new place
-move in / decorate my new place
-get my vegetable garden in the backyard started
-hang out with family and friends
-video chat with a special someone
-go to SF to see Avery, Jackie, etc
-go to SF with Juliette, Tara, Leigh
-go to the waterfalls with whoever
-go to Yosemite with my dad and sister

Here's to having no responsibilities, no schedule to follow, and no obligations for six weeks.  I know it's gonna go by fast!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My UCLA Chapter in Life Coming to a Close

Today is graduation day.  It's quite overwhelming.  While I am so excited for the next step, I can't help but to dread leaving so much behind here in LA.  I am going to miss everyone so much, but hopefully these friendships will stay strong even with distance as a factor. 

I also wish my mom was here.  I'm sad that she is missing all of this, but she will be back in due time. 

I have learned so much inside and outside the classroom.  I have met so many different, amazing people who have touched my life and that I will never forget.  Goodbye UCLA, it's been an unforgettable four years.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Obesity Doesn't Just Affect the Obese

This article (thank you to Neha for posting this on her facebook) is very scary.  It is really frightening to me how little people are starting to care about their health.  Now, not only are people giving themselves completely preventable diseases like diabetes and heart disease, they are putting their children at great risk.  Something needs to be done, but unfortunately people need to care enough to do something for themselves.  How can we get through to people to make them want to change their lifestyles?  For now, it looks like this is what I am going to be dealing with in a few years...