Monday, June 14, 2010

Six Weeks of Nothing

 So today is the first day of my six weeks of break before starting my first year of medical school.  I watched ER and a bunch of other mindless tv, tool my sister to the mall and then to her friends house, and took a three hour nap.  My life is boring.  Haha, not gonna lie, it kinda feels nice to do absolutely nothing though.  My goals for these few weeks I have off are:
-wash my car
-read a shit ton of books
-watch a shit ton of tv/movies
-shop for furniture/stuff for my new place
-move in / decorate my new place
-get my vegetable garden in the backyard started
-hang out with family and friends
-video chat with a special someone
-go to SF to see Avery, Jackie, etc
-go to SF with Juliette, Tara, Leigh
-go to the waterfalls with whoever
-go to Yosemite with my dad and sister

Here's to having no responsibilities, no schedule to follow, and no obligations for six weeks.  I know it's gonna go by fast!

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