Monday, June 21, 2010

Five weeks left of this particular chapter of my life

First week of my short summer vacation: done.  There was a lot of couch-sitting and tv-watching, but I managed to get a few things accomplished.  Found some furniture online for the new place, set up utilities for when we move in, spent time with my sister, got a free spray tan from my amazing cousin, etc.  Not bad, not bad.  Towards the end of the week, I was just starting to get a little bit bored.  So I am gonna have to start forcing myself to do more with my precious time.

Have you ever felt extremely bored, but at the same time, you are too lazy to do anything and nothing really sounds fun... yeah I hate that.  Sometimes I get like that.  But I think next time that happens I will take the dogs for a walk, go on a bike ride, or something.  :)  Problem solved.

Relaxing has been really awesome.  I will probably never get to do nothing to this extent again, so I should savor it!!!

Tomorrow, Juliette and I are adventuring to the University Falls, which is a really cool hike a little past Auburn.  I have been there a few times, but its been a long time since I've gone and I have never driven there on my own or been the "guide" per say, so it should be interesting.  I think the two of us can manage though.  We are both pretty street smart.

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