Monday, December 31, 2012

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot, And Never Brought To Mind

(I'm a couple of days late with this - better late than never!)

   Despite what ancient Mayans' calendars may have predicted, 2012 has come and gone (and the world is still here).  This year was one with many changes, full of progress, but with little time for recharge.  When I look back at where I was in the beginning of this year compared to where I am now - mentally, intellectually, romantically, socially - my, how things have changed!

The year I performed at the Wine Auction

The year I passed USMLE Step 1

The year I went to Peru with J

The year  I delivered my first baby (and second!)

The year my friends came up from LA to surprise me for my birthday

The year Yolanda died, and I bought my Volvo

The year we went camping in Oregon... again

The year I fell head-over-heels in love and became attached at the hip after the 3rd date

The year I moved in with my BF
The year my sister graduated high school and started college

The year I discovered HONEY BOO BOO

The year BF turned dirty thirty!

The year I adopted another kitty

The year BF and I got a puppy

The year I went to Connecticut for Christmas

The year I visited high school friends in NYC

   And much, much more.  So here's to 2012!  I'm glad the world didn't end :P ... too much good stuff goin' on!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

East Coast Christmas

   This year I spent a lovely, white Christmas on the East Coast with BF and his family.  It was my first time being away from my family, so I missed them, but I had a lovely time with BF's family!

BF and I sent out ridiculous Christmas card pictures - seen here on my sister's fridge

Sif and Zoey relaxing at their Grandparents' house while we are away

Went to NYC for a night to visit these high school friends :)

Christmas Eve wii fun as it snowed outside

Finding the pickle ornament Christmas morning - I won!


Yeah, that's right - I have a tree-decorating man :)

Lobster dinner extravaganza 

Facetiming my family on Christmas - this is my Nan

Brunch in Newport, RI

Mansions in Newport, RI

Monday, December 24, 2012

Is It Weird To Celebrate A Bloggiversary?

   I'm about a week late, but three years ago I started this blog the day I got accepted to med school.  I figured it would be a good way of documenting my experiences, so that I could look back when I'm older and say, "Ha! What the heck was I doing with my life?!" When I started it, I wasn't really sure if I would actually keep up with it, but I've surprised myself with how loyal I've been to it - and I even have 39 followers now!  I mean, that sorta makes me famous, right?!  Jk - 39 followers in the blogging world ain't no thang.
   But it has been a lot of fun.  And I really love this little medical blogger community.  It's so nice to read about others' experiences, and to be constantly reminded that I'm not alone in this crazy world of medicine.  The last few months, I've been in a sort of slump, but with this holiday break, I'm already starting to feel better and refreshed.

   As far as my attempts at getting some feel-good therapy in the psychologists' chair, I still haven't been able to make an appointment because my lady is so booked.  I'm not annoyed about it though, because I'm not anywhere near crisis-mode, and these others who are meeting her might need her attention more immediately.  We were finally able to hammer down a time to meet when I get back from the holiday break, so that'll do just fine.  I'm already feeling way less down-in-the-dumps since break started, but I think it will be good to just touch bases and make sure I'm taking care of my mental well-being for the rest of the third year clerkships.

   Anyway, back to the blogging topic.  I'm definitely happy with what I've been getting out of blogging so far, but someday I'd really love to write a book.  A book about what?  Well, something non-fiction, of course, but who knows.  Maybe about my journey in medicine?  Maybe about my future career as an OB/Gyn?  Maybe about some other experience yet to be had?  I'll figure it out :P

   I hope everyone has a lovely and safe Christmas, New Years, and whatever other holidays you and your family celebrate!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

   Before you start your third year of medical school, people try to tell you how hard its gonna be.  And you think you know what they're talking about, but you can't possibly know until you go through it for yourself.  Before this year started, I thought I understood what being a doctor would be like - but I had no idea.  Its just something you can't describe until you experience it.

   This last rotation has been quite hard for me.  I have been on pediatrics, something that I am not at all interested in.  And we've been going straight for six months without any breaks, and often not even having entire weekends.  I never thought I would feel this burned out, but here I am.  These last two months have been a pretty low point in my life, and its gotten to the point where I don't like who I've become.  I'm bitter, irritable, unmotivated, withdrawn from family and friends, and don't even enjoy fun things I used to.  I can't even pinpoint anything in particular that's made me feel this way.  Its just all of it.  I need a break... really bad.

   The one thing that makes me feel slightly better is that:
A) I'm not alone - everyone, even the most bubbly, giddy people in my class are feeling like I am right now.
B) There is something I love in medicine - OBGyn.  I loved my time on that rotation and am really looking forward to being an OBgyn resident.
C) After my shelf tomorrow morning, I have three wonderful weeks off.  THREE WEEKS.  I have only had four days off in the past month!
D) BF takes care of me, though he has to take care of himself too
E) Puppy is coming home in like two weeks and I CAN'T WAIT

   For the longest time I was trying to ignore how down I've been, in fact that's a big reason I haven't blogged in a while, because I knew it would just be bitter rants about my days.  But I finally realized that I don't have to live like this, so I tried to make an appointment with our school psychologist, however she was booked solid this week (I'm guessing everyone else is having crises around this time too?).  I'll get in there soon enough haha.  But yeah, I'm not afraid to admit that sometimes we all need a bit of help.  And I hate how people are so hush-hush-taboo about mental health and seeing therapists.  It's completely normal, and quite helpful - if you buy into it.  Anyway, just wanted to share some of the things that I've been struggling with lately.  And if you are a pre-med, med student, or resident out there who is struggling a bit, you aren't alone.  Sometimes, we all just need a bit of a boost.