Thursday, December 27, 2012

East Coast Christmas

   This year I spent a lovely, white Christmas on the East Coast with BF and his family.  It was my first time being away from my family, so I missed them, but I had a lovely time with BF's family!

BF and I sent out ridiculous Christmas card pictures - seen here on my sister's fridge

Sif and Zoey relaxing at their Grandparents' house while we are away

Went to NYC for a night to visit these high school friends :)

Christmas Eve wii fun as it snowed outside

Finding the pickle ornament Christmas morning - I won!


Yeah, that's right - I have a tree-decorating man :)

Lobster dinner extravaganza 

Facetiming my family on Christmas - this is my Nan

Brunch in Newport, RI

Mansions in Newport, RI


  1. Looks like fun! California only included storming, windy weather. Also, curious about the pickle means...

  2. your christmas card photo is adorable. you guys are so cute. it looks like you had a great east coast trip!!