Monday, December 2, 2013

Wait, So November Already Happened?

   I can't believe today is December 1st.  That means that I somehow got through my crazy month of juggling EM shifts with back-to-back-to-back interviews.  That also means that I only have two more blocks of 4th year left.  TWO MORE BLOCKS.  Right now, I'm on a long-awaited 2 blocks of "vacation", after which I only have 1 month of anatomy didactics, and then I finish my year off with 1 month of Family Planning.  Actually, I originally planned these two months of "vacation" to accommodate interviews, however, I somehow ended up doing most of my interviews in November during my EM rotation.  I don't know how I managed to do it, because for the entire month, I was either working, traveling or interviewing.  I think I survived last month with the help of some of my dear friends: hypomania, melatonin and caffeine.  I only have 3 interviews left, which are very spread out over the next two months, but I'm holding out hope for more last minute interview invitations.  I mean, it's not like I'm doing anything anyway.

   Well, that's not true.  I actually am working on my research during this time, but I still have a lot of free time.  And damn, it sure feels good.  I've been catching up on my previously ever-lengthening To-Do List, binge-watching tv, re-reading the Harry Potter series... You know, all the awesome things that regular people do.

   Interview season has been crazy.  People said that it actually ends up being kinda fun, and they were right!  Once I stopped worrying so much about getting enough interview invitations to have enough places to rank in order to match (try saying that all in one breath!), I really started to enjoy the process.  It's been fun and exciting traveling to new places, meeting new people, exploring other programs and what they're all about.  And the interviews are much different than medical school interviews.  This time around, I often get the feeling that they are recruiting me.  Also, for those of you who were ever in a sorority, the whole residency interview/match process is so similar to sorority recruitment/rush that it's quite scary.  I never would have thought all the things I learned during sorority recruitment would come in handy later, but they really have.

   I'm sure I'll start blogging more now that I have more free time.  I'd also really like to re-vamp my blog layout and design before starting residency, but I am somewhat computer illiterate, so if anyone knows any good websites or tools to use, please share! :)
View from one of my Philly hotels

Chicago O'Hare

BF and I managed to get a couple of interviews together.  Here we are at Dunkin Donuts.  Don't judge.

This is how I relax before an interview  hahaha

This is also how I relax before/after an interview

I've gotten very accustomed to changing into/out-of my suit in bathrooms


  1. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays and yeah for interview season:-)

  2. Love how you relax before an interview! Visiting from MM Blog Hop!

    Ray Doc Wife

  3. Linking up from MM. I still remember interview season fondly (7 years ago for me now). I flew to Seattle from New York twice, to Arizona, Maine, New Mexico, Colorado and Chicago to name a few! Good luck on the match!

  4. good luck! I have heard the process is like sorority rushing which I think is fascinating . From MM

  5. Ok that sushi looks phenomenal and now Im craving some thanks a lot ;) Good luck on your crazy, busy interview journey. It will all be worth it and one day you'll look back and be like wow remember residency interviews?

  6. Where did you interview in Philly?? I was disappointed not to run into many of our friends from Atlanta...though I did see Kelsey in MN! Good luck as you finish off interviews! :)