Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Interesting What Brings People To My Blog

You may know this already if you have your own blog, but on Blogspot, you can see statistics about who visits your blog, etc.  You can see what websites/URLs refer people to your blog, as well as what search terms ultimately lead them to it.  One search term that has always lead people to my blog is "university falls" or "georgetown falls".  These are a set of natural waterfalls pretty close to Sacramento that are easy to hike to, and you can safely slide down them into pools of water, which is really fun.  They are a well-kept secret, though, and most people only know about them by word-of-mouth - which is why I think a lot of people end up at one of my old posts about them when they try to google it.  

Recently, a new search term has been leading people to my blog.  And when I first saw it, I was quite confused.  Apparently, a few people per day are lead to my blog when they search "stepped in dog shit".  At first I had no idea why this would lead anyone to a blog about being a medical student, but then I tried google-image-searching it, this came up:

Picture of my sister cleaning dog shit off her shoes from a long time ago


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