Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nights In The Hospital Are Reminiscent Of The Twilight Zone

   Last night I was on call, and while I was in the cafeteria gettin a snack during "power hour" (when it opens briefly from 11pm-midnight), the super flamboyant cashier tells me, "Wow, you have an amazing walk! I was watching you walk over here, and you look like a beauty queen or something."

Me (laughing),"Well, thank you. Maybe it's 'cause in my head I secretly think I'm a beauty queen!"

Cashier: "And you have a great smile too!" (Looks at my hand) "Are you married? engaged? Single?"

Me: "Oh, Uh I live with my boyfriend."

Cashier: "How's he?!"

Me: "He's good...."


   Last time I was on call, I ran into this gem in the ladies bathroom.  What's even worse, is that it stayed there for a good three days after that.  Way to clean the bathroom, janitorial staff!

Girl, you done left yo' weave in da bathroom!
   I'm really enjoying internal medicine.  My goals for this rotation are just to learn a ton, and 'study' for Step 2 CK in the meantime, since I'm taking it 2.5 weeks after this clerkship ends.  Fortunately, I've heard Step 2 is very internal medicine heavy, so I should be okay.  So far, I'm learning a ton, and I absolutely adore the demented old patients.  Crazy old ladies still need OB/Gyns, right?

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