Monday, August 19, 2013

A Quarter Century of Life

   Recently, I turned 25 years old.  It's weird because in some ways, I can't believe I'm already 25.  I feel like the past 5 years have flown by.  In other ways, it's weird that I'm only 25.  The field of medicine forces you to grow up really fast, and a lot of times I feel much older than 25.

   Since 25 is considered a milestone to some, I figured I'd write a post capturing a snapshot of my life right now.

Who I Am at 25:

  • someone who knows who I am and what I want
  • someone who is not afraid to stand up for things I believe in
  • someone who still needs reassurance from time to time to feel good about myself - I'm still working on this
  • 4th year medical student
  • pro-choice feminist
  • gung-ho about OB/Gyn and anything women's health related
  • in a wonderful relationship with my best friend, living together in a super cute house
  • loves to cook, loves to eat even more
  • addicted to spicy food, macaroni & cheese, and taco bell
  • secretly wants to meet Honey Boo-Boo really bad
  • co-owner of two silly, fluffy kitties, and one adorable golden retriever
  • loves to garden, take pictures of people, and make crafts
  • loves to blog
   So here's to 25 years of life! I hope the next 25 are just as fun, and can't wait to see what happens next!


  1. happy birthday darling!! my 25 is coming up at the end of the year as well!