Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Med School Is Hard. Imagine That!

I just started my third week of medical school, and I am definitely feeling overwhelmed at this point.  I am just not used to the pace yet.  Basically, it's like we have a midterm every other week, and I am studying like I did during finals week at UCLA every day.  Haha.  I know, I know... I got myself into this.  I am well aware.  I am not complaining, I am merely describing my current emotional state!  I am busting my butt studying for the 2nd quiz coming up because I do not want to fail any subjects.

It's also overwhelming because there are so many things going on outside of the classroom: a ton of student interest groups, volunteering at clinics, etc...  It really irritates me when certain classmates have been asking me OVER and OVER "so, you volunteering at clinic this weekend?  Oh, I am!" since before the first week.  For the millionth time "I AM NOT READY YET!" Some of us need a little time to acclimate ourselves to something so new before jumping in to a million commitments.  I would love to volunteer at one of the student run clinics, but I would like to feel comfortable with school first, thank you very much.

But don't get the wrong idea... I love it!  I love med school, I love UCD!  I am just in that awko phase where I am trying to get into a routine and feel comfortable in my new environment.  So far, I love going to yoga at school, taking care of and eating from my garden, and studying or hanging out with my friends.

And here is a little fun story:  like I said, I was feeling overwhelmed and a little down last night and earlier today, but then in anatomy lab, one of the orthopedic surgeons walking around saw me dissecting and said "You should be an eye surgeon!"  I know he probably wasn't serious, but it made my day!  It was nice to hear some sort of encouragement after losing some self-confidence in the last week or so.

Quiz 2, here I come!

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