Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lung baby?

Yesterday afternoon in anatomy lab, we dissected the cadaver's chest. I took a dissection anatomy class at UCLA, so when we dissected the muscles/axilla I already knew what to expect. The chest, however, was uncharted territory for me. It was so cool because we lifted the ribcage off like the hood of a car (excuse the awkward analogy) and the lungs were just sitting there, waiting to be explored. I especially liked this particular dissection because the lungs weren't all juicy and gross (*cough* the back). Anyway, we had to remove the lungs from the chest cavity, and it felt oddly like what delivering a baby (via cesarian) might feel like... It was pretty trippy! I know this sounds gross, but I actually liked the texture of the lungs. They were really squishy and sorta felt like memory foam.

I can't to shadow an ob/gyn and actually see what a delivery is like first hand! I really hope this whole "fainting at the most mundane medical procedure" thing is not something that comes up again... Next time I am going to eat a much hardier breakfast beforehand and maybe try to expose myself to things that might make me unexpectedly faint. Ugh, it's just annoying because it's something I can't even control!

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