Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photography Excursion

So lately I have been really wanting to get a nice camera.  I am super tired of the "point and shoot" cameras; their quality sucks and they are not very reliable.  I decided to save up for my first grown-up camera (still not sure which one to get yet).  I am considering the Canon Rebel XS or the Nikon 3100 depending on how much money I save up.  Anyway, my dad was kind enough to let me borrow his Nikon D80 until I save up for my own big-girl camera!

I decided to take out the D80 for a little stroll today, a photography excursion, if you will....  Now, please keep in mind, I have no experience in photography, so if you hate my pictures, well... I warned ya!

Zoey wasn't very excited about the excursion... maybe it's because she wasn't allowed to come
I started out in my own backyard...

And realized I had a whole "surprise harvest" waiting for me!

I thought my veggies were done for the year, but these were a great surprise!

My Deck

 The rest of these are just a collection of the trees in my neighborhood.  I told you I love fall! 

 Made a friend on the way....

 And when I got home, this little guy was waiting on my house!


  1. I love these! Getting real fall is something I really appreciate on the east coast... but I'm jealous that you're getting the best of both worlds--leaves changing colors AND the beautiful California weather!