Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Honeymoon Ain't Over Yet!

I survived Red October! :)

I can't believe it's already November!  Fall is my favorite time of year, and I am really enjoying a REAL fall this year.  The leaves are red and orange, the air is crisp... its such a great feeling!

I bet you thought only 5-year-olds liked playing in the leaves....

Which brings me to the point of this post:  I still love medical school.  There are days when I get a bit stressed when lots of things are going on at once, but at the end of the day, I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here.  How many people get the chance to truly say they are doing something they absolutely love?!  Every day I have to pinch myself and ask "Am I really here? I have been waiting for this so long!"... I am still in the "honeymoon phase" I guess, but after a pretty intense, LONG block, I think that is a good sign.  I know I belong here.

Speaking of Block 1, we are almost done!  I can't believe how much we have learned this block, yet how much more we have to learn.  Its such a weird feeling to feel like I have a lot more under my belt, yet to still feel extremely useless in a clinical setting.  That's okay though, the upperclassmen say that will go away with time (a lot of time)....

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  1. So, weirdly, all of the sudden all of your posts since August showed up on my RSS feed... and here I thought you hadn't blogged in months!

    Glad to see you've been at it the whole time... I've got a lot of reading to do!