Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Made it through my first semester of med school!

I spent this afternoon working on my very last assignment for the "semester" at Old Soul at 40 Acres.  Love that place!  The food, tea, and atmosphere is great, but you always leave reeking of bacon... :/ lol.  I had the special of the day: a spicy vegan sandwich with corn chowder and Golden Thread tea.  Delish!

Yep, I'm officially done with Block 1!  I made it! This should be considered a medical school milestone, right?!  Looking back, I can't believe how much information we learned, and yet somehow we all managed to pull it off.  I'm a little glad to be done with the wonderful smells of anatomy lab, but I will miss Colonel Mustard.  Its so amazing how much we learned from his body.  What a wonderful gift to give!  I am very appreciative that people like him are so generous.  I am signed up to be an organ donor, but one of these days, I might just sign up to be a body donor (too)?

So... overall opinion of med school so far: ITS SO INCREDIBLE! I feel so lucky to be here.  I am so thankful for all of it.  To all of those pre-meds out there wondering if its ever gonna get better... IT IS SO WORTH IT!  I still pinch myself every day.  If medicine is your dream, don't listen to anyone tell you that you can't do it.  There were times when people doubted me (none of the important people  ;) of course) but here I am!  If you truly want it, and for the right reasons, the stars will align for you (as they did for me).


  1. but you always leave reeking of bacon... :/


  2. Haha its all fun and games until the smell lingers on your laptop and backpack for over a week... it just gets weird smelling like food hahaha