Thursday, December 30, 2010

Medical Student Turned Interior Decorator?

We moved into our place over 6 months ago, but didn't get to decorating our dining room until this week.  I guess the dining room is just one of those rooms that doesn't look that bad if it is sorta empty.  Anyway, I decided to take on a little project with my free time and spruce it up a bit!  Here is what it looked like before:

My decorating buddy (stuffed crust pizza sleepover!)

I just went to Ross and bought a few cute little items for our previously empty shelf, and a mirror!
I made this flower center piece with some flowers from Joann and got these salt & pepper shakers for 80 cents a piece!

Okay, I know this is SUPER old lady of me... but I have a weird "bird fetish", so I stuck two love birds in some marbles in a heart basket. So sue me!

Also made this arrangement from Joann flowers and pebbles.

Stick some $1 potpourri and some marbles in a dish and call it a day!

I decided last minute to include this frame, so I had to scramble to find pictures I already had printed up.  Just some pics of family and Hawaii.

My sister gave me this picture/mirror.  

Picture I took of Haight/Ashbury: one of my favorite places!

Someone is enjoying the new decor....

I needed some art work for the room, but didn't find anything I liked or anything cheap enough, so I just painted this for the room!  Yeah, I don't know why I am all into birds at the moment?!

We still have to keep our bikes in the dining room because we really don't have many other places to put them.  That's okay though, they kinda add to the room! :P

Well, hope you enjoyed my dining room makeover!  It feels a bit more homey now that it isn't empty.  

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