Friday, March 23, 2012

12 Days To Go

   Not a whole lot has changed since the last time I posted.  Today is day 23 of my study hibernation.  It's weird because I feel anxious that I am running out of time to study, but I'm also exhausted and just want to get the next 12 days overwith, all at the same time!  I've been relatively calm for the most part, which is good - I've only started to feel anxious in the last couple of days (when I realized how many questions I still have to do in my Qbank), and no "freak outs", thank goodness.  I think one of the key things that's been keeping me going is studying with other people, mainly BF.  BF and I have been playing this cute game.  Whenever we study at a coffee shop, every time one of us goes to the bathroom, the other one will leave a cute post-it hidden in the other's study materials.  Then we'll find it a few minutes later and giggle about it.  It's pretty fun :)

Found this under my FIRST AID book
   I don't like to study in the same place for too long, because I start to get restless and can't focus.  So I split my days in half, and rotate around between school, the library and several coffee shops around town.  I've been photo-documenting my study adventures for the future, so I can look back and think, "Man, what was studying all day every day for Step 1 like?"  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of any of the numerous sleeves I have ruined with highlighters, being the hot mess I have been. (Warning: these are boring pictures of studying...)
Coffee Shop with sister
Home with Baby Z
Library (gunner habitat)
Secret patio at school
School (hey look, it's BFs hand lol)
Coffee shop that reeks of bacon
We made an "IUD of trust" with our laptops (yep,  I'm going crazy)
People being social while I'm having a one-on-one time with WORLD
Raining outside
Saturday - wishing I was out there
Me creeping on BF
Studying at BFs (yeah, I'm getting fat. The stress eating has come out full-force)
I insisted we take this picture lol
One day we decided to wear red lipstick just for the hell of it
   I haven't been doing my nail therapy as often as I anticipated, mainly because I have been studying at coffee shops a lot, and it would be rude to smell up the place.  But here are some of my nail salon adventures:

Oh yeah, and Mama J took this super creepy picture of me from across the coffee shop, then proceeded to edit it to be even creepier

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