Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby Z Gets Her Hair Did

   BF and I had a fantastic weekend with Cody-the-dog.  He was very well-behaved, loving and cute.  We hope to have a dog just like him some day.  By the time he left, he and Sif were practically besties, although Zoey was still hiding in the other room.

Laser eye buddies

   Today, I took Baby Z to get her lion haircut.  Since her fur is so long, it gets matted really easily, and even with brushing, the mats get so bad that they pull and irritate her skin.  So every now and then, I have to get her shaved.  Poor thing.  I took her today, and the groomer absolutely loved her, and said that she was super sweet - didn't try to scratch or bite, or anything!  I was so pleased with the results.  This groomer even put cute little bows on her, which is something they've never done!

Sif followed her around, trying to play with her tail poof


  1. The tail bouff is the best part of her haircut. I love it. Had a Maltese who used to get mats iff'n we didn't pay strict attention to the brushing. Yes, had to get the groomer's help once or twice as I recall.

  2. That is one unimpressed cat! Love it!