Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another FurBaby On The Way!

   I know a lot of people like to shop on Black Friday for Christmas presents, but this year, BF and I had a very special Black Friday.  We started out by hitting up the sales at Petsmart (alongside all of the crazy cat ladies).  We almost had to throw it down with some crazy cat ladies to get the last cat tower on sale, but we got it, and the kitties LOVE it.  Anyway, I digress.  We bought the very best thing you could ever buy this Black Friday: our puppy!

   After a long time stalking the classifieds for golden retriever puppies, BF and I are now finally the proud fur-parents to a sweet, month old golden retriever puppy.  In our search, I came across a lot of puppies that were too expensive, ready to be picked up too early, located too far away, etc.  This puppy was meant to be.

  We drove to the breeder's rural house, and as we were getting out of our car, were happily greeted by the mama dog and an older sibling of the litter.  Naturally, the older sibling dog brought us a pinecone as a friendly offering.  We went into the garage where the pen of puppies was located, and when all 9 of the litter spilled out of the little pen door at once, I squealed in excitement!

   We picked out an adorable little male puppy, who had a sweet temperament, though the entire litter was adorable, so we really couldn't have gone wrong.  He has to stay with his mama and the rest of the litter until he is at least 8 weeks old in order to be properly socialized, but we won't be ready to pick him up until even later, after we get back from our holiday trip to Connecticut.  So we made our deposit, and we even brought our own collar to mark our territory, so other interested buyers wouldn't be tempted to try and snatch him up as the rest of the litter is sold.  I absolutely can't wait till Melvin gets to come home!

Cat tower 

Little sleepy Melvie with the collar we brought for him on

Baby Melvie!

So fluffy!


  1. I'm dying. That puppy is SO cute! I love golden retrievers! Looking forward to the barrage of pictures you'll be instagramming when you pick him up!

    PS- where are you going in CT? I'll be in New Haven over winter break and I'd love to meet up if you'll be nearby!

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  3. Omg your new pup is SO adorable! I want one sooo baddd!!! I'm looking forward to more pictures once you bring lil cute Melvie home! :)


    p.s. I couldn't edit my post so I just deleted it! lol

  4. EEEPP!! so adorable! congrats on your new pup!! and where in CT? that's where my fiance is from...