Monday, January 21, 2013

I Can Feel Again

   So far, this year has been going really well.  I started my Primary Care rotation at Kaiser, and I like it!   My preceptors are all really friendly, laid-back, and most of them are really good with their patients.  I'm getting a little bored of rashes, colds, and "aches & pains", but overall, I like talking to the patients.  And sometimes, they come in, and you give them something that actually really helps them.

   I really like the Kaiser-type work environment.  I'm sure it'd be somewhat different for OB-Gyn than it is for primary care, but nevertheless, KP takes pretty good care of its employees, and I like that.

   I'm also just generally feeling much better.  The last couple of months before break, I was feeling super numb, burned out, and anhedonic.  Three weeks of vacation was absolutely necessary in my returning-to-normal, as was some sessions with the school psychologist, finishing the worst rotation ever (peds), and lots of puppy-time.  I finally feel like I'm getting back to my normal self, and enjoying things again.

   Training the puppy has been a blast.  When people told us beforehand that it was going to be like having a baby, I didn't understand what they meant, but it really is like having a baby!  Except, as a puppy, he is more in the "terrible twos"-toddler stage, where he gets into trouble all the time.  The first week or so, he would cry in his crate every night, which I was expecting, but I have never heard such a shrill, jarring noise come from an animal!  And when we would try to walk him, he would just go around us in circles on the leash, stop to smell everything, and just stop sometimes.  We've had him for three weeks now, and he has come a long way.  Now, when we put him to bed at night, he actually goes into his crate by himself, lies down, and then just sighs in defeat before he goes to sleep quietly.  He is also doing much better in the potty-training area, and hasn't had any accidents in over a week!  At first, I don't think he understood what it meant to hold his bladder, but now he goes to the door, and just sits there and stares at you when he wants to be let out - it's so cute.  It's amazing how fast a puppy can learn, but it's a lot of work, and he is a pretty good puppy.  I shlove him.

"I"m gonna take YOU for a walk!"



BF: "Why did you take a picture of me 'beating' the dog?!"
Me: "It looks like you're rubbing his tummy!"


  1. Those. Floppy. Ears. I am dying.

  2. Pupppppppy! Having an animal to love and come home to helps with stress. Glad to see you feeling better!

  3. Oh my goodness, your puppy is adorable!!!!! I'm your newest follower!