Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love That Lasts a Lifetime

   This past week, I spent a day accompanying a hospice nurse on her home visits to terminally ill patients.  They were all in pretty good spirits that day, and I really enjoyed chatting with the spunky elderly ones.  It was amazing how the elderly couples took such great care of each other.  It was so touching to see the spouses of the patients providing support and love to them, as their life begins to wind down, knowing that they've had a long journey together to get to this point.  I really hope that when I'm old and on my way out, I'm lucky enough to have someone (who loves me) taking care of me, and a loving family to visit me.  

   The other day, BF and I spontaneously decided to go out to the pub where we had our first date. We hadn't been back since our first date, which was about a year ago. As we were walking up to the door, I asked BF, "When we came here for our first date a year ago, did you know we'd be lovers forever?" And he said, "No, but I do now."

   That place always has surprises in store for us, because when we walked in this time, two of our good friends had randomly decided to go there that night too, and had just arrived. In addition, the pub was celebrating some sort of anniversary and was giving away prizes. Out of all the people there that night, BOTH BF and I won tshirts!

   The owner came over to chat with us, congratulating us on our luck, and I told him, "This place is lucky to us.  We had our first date here about a year ago."  And some lady at the table next to us goes, "AWWWWWW!!!" Hahahahaha.

Continuing our silly game of drawing each other pictures when we study

   Also, I added some cute decorations to the kitchen.  And in case you are wondering what the letters stand for on the chalkboard hearts on a string, it's B-A-M-Z-S, for our names and our pet's names.  Feel free to barf now, I give you permission.

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  1. I won't barf, it is sweet and perfect for February. Thanks for linking up with us at Medical Mondays!