Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back In OB/Gyn Land...

... And loving it!  I'm halfway through my Gyn Onc Sub-I (aka AI/Acting Internship), and I am so glad to be back with my people.  I realized it's been almost a year since I've done any OB/Gyn rotation, so I'm a little rusty on some stuff, but it's all coming back to me.  I never rotated through Gyn Onc as a third year, so a lot of the oncology material is new to me, but that's why I'm really glad I chose this particular Sub-I, because I'm learning a ton.

   I was a little surprised because this Sub-I is actually turning out to be harder than SICU was.  On SICU, the hours were long, but I really didn't have any meaningful responsibility.  And the team really didn't trust medical students, including 4th years, to do anything important.  On Gyn Onc, however, I am the intern's right-hand-woman.  And I absolutely LOVE it!  The team actually trusts me to do important things - I have much more responsibility, but it actually is really nice.  It's nice to actually feel like an integral part of the team, and nice to know that the work you're doing is actually meaningful and making a difference.  So, even though I'm working long hours and taking on a lot more responsibilities, I am really enjoying it.  I feel like these last two weeks have been a preview into intern year, and it's gonna be tough, but I'll get through it, especially if I'm close with the people I'll be working with.  And, just as I expected, I love the people I'm working with.  I'd absolutely love to stay here for residency.

   That said, it makes things a bit more stressful because I'm really trying to impress people.  I don't really think I've been at the top of my game at all times, only because I've been nervous.  Because I actually care what these people think of me, it makes me shy and more introverted than I normally would be.  But my goal for the remaining two weeks of the rotation is to be more confident on rounds and speak up a little more in general.

   As far as the subspecialty of Gyn Oncology, I loooove the patients.  A lot of them are these sweet, sweet old ladies that you just want to give a hug.  And some of them are characters, sassy in their older years, and you know I love characters.  And then there are the grumpy ones, but I even get a kick out of them too.  I mean, they have a right to be grumpy.  They've been through a lot of shit.

   So here goes.  I hope I rock the remaining two weeks of my most important Sub-I.  And two weeks from now, I'm gonna be on ED Ultrasound.  That rotation is super laid back, and you work very minimal hours with a very flexible schedule.  It's going to be AMAZING.  Though, I'll probably have to use that free time for many of the important things I've been putting off, like finishing my personal statement, getting caught up in my research project (I'm really far behind :/), residency applications, sorting out my letters of rec... Ugh it gives me heart burn to think about all of it.  I just haven't had time to work on that stuff. Literally.

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  1. Good luck with everything darling! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your sub-specialty rotation. Yay!