Monday, September 30, 2013

My my! You've been busy!

   Between neurotically checking my email for interview invites, I've been quite busy art journaling.  It's been really fun.  It's nice to just lose yourself for a few hours, and sometimes the final results are nice too.  However, the purpose of this is more about the process of creating and less about the finished product.  I mean, I'm not an artist.  I'm just someone who likes to challenge a neglected part of my brain from time to time.

   Here are some of my projects! (Get ready to tilt your head side to side...)

Cover of my Art Journal

Back of Art Journal Cover

   Also, the dean's letter goes out to programs tomorrow, so hopefully we'll all start hearing about  more interview invites shortly after that.  I need to start booking shit! lol


  1. I love the girl with rainbow hair!!!!!

  2. you go girl! loving your journal pages!

  3. I'm a first year medical student, love reading! Where have you gotten interviews? It is such a mystery to me what happens in the last two years of medical school...I always wonder what it's like to be on clerkships or actually apply to residency. You should let us know how it is going!

  4. You are a very talented artist! Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays and good luck with those interviews that will be coming your way.

  5. Thanks for sharing your journal! I used to have a similar one way back in high school. I always talk about getting back into art in my spare time...maybe one day. And good luck with the interview process! What an exciting time! Happy Medical Mondays :)