Sunday, September 15, 2013

Soooo that just happened...

   Today I officially submitted my residency application.  I applied to a grand total of 32 programs which are on the West Coast, East Coast, and a few random ones in between.  I am couples-matching with BF, who is going into general surgery, so we wanted to apply broadly, just to be safe.  

It was obscenely expensive

   Somehow, all of my stuff got uploaded and is ready to go.  I think one of the most helpful things my oh-so-amazing advisor told me, was to have my application completely ready to go by Sept 1st, even though it isn't due until Sept 15th.  Because of this, I had plenty of time to have it looked over (by her, of course), and as the days counted down to September 15th, I was ready, so was more excited than stressed.  I checked back later today (yep, let the neuroticism begin) and three programs have already accessed my information!  Hopefully, fingers crossed, BF and I will be offered interviews in the next couple of weeks.  I'm both excited/giddy and anxious/worried.  I'm really looking forward to traveling and exploring.  I'm worried about people liking me (wow, that's a first for me... not).  

   So now I just wait. Check my phone and email obsessively, and wait.  And take out my anxiety in the form of arts & crafts, which by the way is going amazingly.  If you read my post a couple of weeks ago, I was aching for the right side of my brain to wake up.  I have been quite successful, and I've really been enjoying relaxing and making art.  I'll post some of my amateur work later!


  1. Good luck! This is probably going to be a nerve wrecking time until March. You're both going to kick some BUTT!!

  2. Good luck! You'll be great! Thanks for your advice during the first few weeks of school. :) BTW, I think I sort of met your BF yesterday at clinic? At least I think so based on pics I've seen, haha.

  3. SO FREAKING EXCITED for you!! I am going to live vicariously through you as you get to jet-set across the country and meet new people and fed free food. :)

  4. Waiting is the worst!! Wishing you all the luck in the world! Hope you and BF match at programs which will suit you best and be and exciting place for you!

  5. Good luck!!!! We were in your shoes this time last year. This is the absolute craziest, exciting, yet stressful few months of your life. My husband ended up matching his #2 fir general surgery and we are so happy with where we're at!! Thinking of you!