Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back To Where It All Started

    Before I talk about our moving adventures, I think I'm just gonna go ahead and spill the beans about where we ended up matching.  I'm always hesitant to disclose any information that is too identifying on this blog, for fear that it may be held against me professionally.  However, I think there are enough programs in our city that you wouldn't even be able to guess which program we're at.

     Here goes: We're going to Philadelphia, y'all!!!  Okay, now I'm going to carry on.

Moving day donuts

     So just a measly 7 days after Match Day, BF and I packed up our lives and moved everything over the span of two days.  Luckily, we had friends and family to help us.  We put most of our possessions into a storage unit for the time being, and we are living with my parents nearby for the next fews months before we officially move across the country.  As you can imagine, scrambling to find a place to live 3,000 miles away in two months is less than ideal.  Unfortunately, that's the name of the game with the Match.  There is absolutely no way to prepare ahead of time and look at places, because you have no idea where you're gonna end up.

     On the bright side, it has actually been pretty nice living with my parents.  No bills, no buying food, good company.  It's pretty sweet.  It's also nice to be spending time with my parents before we move so far away :(

     Though I'm very anxious to find a place to live in time, I'm actually getting really excited because we are going to buy a house!  Holy crap - I'm going to own (co-own) a house!  I never would have thought I could afford to own a house at this stage in my life, but BF showed me the numbers, and the housing market in Philadelphia is very buyer friendly.  So this weekend, we're heading to Philly to go house hunting, and I can't wait!  Wish us luck!  We're gonna need some if we want to find a home in one weekend, and to close in time before we start working.


  1. can we just take a moment to look at those donuts. ZOMG DONUTS. okay, now that that's done, congrats on the big move! you've gotta be so excited for this totally new adventure you're about to embark. happy house hunting!! xo

  2. Hi from Medical Mondays! Congrats on the match, and a HUGE congrats to you and the BF for matching in the same city! I remember my now-husband's match day and us both scrambling to find apartments in a new city. It was stressful but mostly exciting :)

  3. So much exciting news! We just had an offer accepted on a house in our residency city, and I'm still in shock! Such an exciting time!!

  4. Congratulations on Philadelphia! I hear great things about that city. Best of luck finding a place to live and getting settled. Of course we will want to hear all about it. Thanks for linking up with MM.