Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Home Sweet Home

     A few weekends ago, B* and I made a quick trip to Philadelphia to go house hunting.  Thanks to B's hard work and preparation before the trip, when we got there everything was all lined up and ready to go.  Our real estate agent showed us 12 houses in one day, with plans to see more if necessary.  Luckily, we found one on the first day we really liked.  We made an offer, and are currently under contract.  Everything has been going smoothly so far: the inspection, the appraisal, etc.  So if all goes according to plan, we officially close and get our keys on June 6th! Holy crap, we're gonna be home owners!

     I can't believe I'm gonna co-own a home so early in my life.  I would have never thought it'd be possible, but the amount we're gonna pay in mortgage is actually less than what we would be paying in rent.  Granted, we're not living in Center City, where all the action is.  However, we're still living in a super cute up-and-coming neighborhood that is still plenty close to everything.

Finished basement - aka my new lady cave

    I'm so happy with the house we got.  It's a recently renovated 3 bed/1.5 bath, with a good sized patio and a finished basement.  I can't WAIT to decorate.  Also, I somehow convinced B to let me have the entire basement as my office/craft room/lady cave... HAHAHA!!! (insert evil laugh here)

                                      Master bedroom

Upstairs bathroom

Upstairs bathroom

Gorgeous kitchen

Gorgeous kitchen

Living room
Patio (small, but good sized for Philly)

     Since when did I become a grown-ass adult?!

* Now that BF and I are engaged, I'm going to just refer to him as "B"


  1. LOVE the kitchen!!! How exciting!!!!

  2. so excited for you guys!! place looks amazing!!! (and ummmmm so when am I coming to teach ART WORKSHOPS IN YOUR BASEMENT?!?!)

    1. YES! Omg I would loooooove that haha. Well, if you ever find yourself in Philly (ps- we have a guest room) ...

  3. What a gorgeous house!!! So excited for the next part of your journey! I'll miss running into you at school though -- thanks for all the advice :)

  4. You found the house you like on your first day of house hunting? You’re so lucky! Well, thinking that you’d seen 12 houses in one day, it doesn't sound as implausible then. I just hope that everything, from the paperwork to the inspection and so on, will go smoothly. That way, you can move in on June without any problem in mind.

    William Pender @ Guest & Brady