Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Time

So, I've been home for almost two weeks now. On one hand, it has been great being able to relax and do absolutely nothing (and I really mean nothing)... especially now that I am coughing my lungs up due to some bug I caught. On the other hand, it's been a little boring, and I am beginning to feel a little anti-social. I've seen my family a lot, but haven't seen ANY of my friends. I was really looking forward to a high school friend (Chelsey's) christmas party, but I was too sick to go that night with a raging fever. Great timing right? The one time there is something to do!

Yes, I have been enjoying day dreaming about my upcoming life as a doctor, and "preparing" by watching many many episodes of ER thanks to Netflix. But, it's been lame not being able to really celebrate with anyone. I guess that is what Winter quarter will be all about! I somehow managed to schedule classes so that I only have class Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is, my friends, a very beautiful thing.

One thing I'm also looking forward to is New Years. I'll probably go to SF with S and J and get into some sort of mischief! But I'm also just looking forward to the new year. It will be a year that I no longer have to dwell on rejections and wait for my fate to be determined. It's going to be a happy year, one of bittersweet endings like leaving LA, saying goodbye to my sorority family and graduating UCLA, but also with inspiring new beginnings like getting an apartment, starting med school, and making new friends. The one part of this upcoming year I wish I could change is the fact that my mom won't be there to share any of it with me. She is being deployed to the war and is going to miss not only my graduation, but my white coat ceremony initiating me into the wonderful world of medicine. And what scares me even more than that, is the haunting thought that she may not ever return at all... So as much as 2010 is going to be a fabulous year, I guess we can't have it all, right? I find it easier to only think about the happy things going on, I suppose I'll deal with the hard stuff if/when it happens.

Anyway, I ended up cancelling my Rush interview. I just figured I might as well open up the interview spot to someone who actually might attend that school, I know I would want someone to do the same for me. Not to mention the snow in Chicago probably would have made the trip an utter hassle. Although, it would have been pretty cool to see the city where ER takes place :P

Well, tomorrow morning at an extremely ungodly hour (3:30 AM) - which, I guess is bed time for a lot of people my age - I will be embarking on my family journey to Mississippi to visit my mom for Christmas. I'm definitely excited about going. You know me, always love to visit new places! Can't wait for seafood! And it will be good to keep mom company. I think she is starting to get a little stressed out over there. Wish me luck, and Happy Holidays to all!

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