Friday, March 12, 2010

Biochem Lab, it was fun while it lasted, but... oh wait, no it wasn't!

     Today was my last day of Biochem Lab! Thank the heavens!!!! I have been counting down the weeks until this day and it feels so good for it to finally be here.  The class actually wasn't all that bad, I just hate lab classes in general.  I liked my lab partner a lot.  She was really nice and laid back, unlike other freaks in that class.  The one thing that I guess is pretty cool about lab classes is you get to know your classmates a little better, and our class dynamic was pretty funny.
       So our TA was this tiny Vietnamese girl with braces, who was so easy to relate to because she did not take the labs too seriously like most neurotic, control-freak TAs I've had.  Also, we had a guy who liked to do magic tricks for us before class.  And normally, I think that type of stuff is cheesy, but he was actually pretty good, so it was entertaining.  Besides, who does magic tricks in biochem lab?!  The whole idea just makes me laugh.  Then there was this one girl, you know the one.  She was top of her class in high school and expects no less at UCLA, so she must prove to everyone that she is the smartest.  She thinks that she is soooo much better than everyone, and if someone ever doesn't understand anything she scoffs, "how could you not know that?!"  Needless to say, I never talked to her.
    I can't stand people like her.  I mean, can't we all just get along?  There is absolutely no need to put yourself on a pedestal above your classmates.  If other people don't understand something, why don't you share the wealth and explain it to them?  I have never really understood "gunners"*.  Why do you have to be the best of the class?  I feel like as classmates, its a lot more satisfying when you all work together and everyone succeeds instead of just one person.  (Not cheating of course, just helping eachother to succeed by being collaborative and bouncing ideas off of eachother, as opposed to "every man for himself")

*gunner = douche who feels that they are better than everyone else in the class; must outcompete everyone for grades; sets the curve at an impossible score; will not help out any fellow classmates; RUDE


  1. Congrats for finally being done with that life crushing soul sucking class! The worst is now over with :D

  2. Ohhhh have fun in med school, apparently that's where gunners are at their prime. I haven't actually met any yet, so the ones at Temple are probably just really good at hiding and conducting their sabotage in secret...

  3. i used to be that gunner slash top of the class person in high school, now i'm just a slacker. hahaha