Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's so simple, yet so hard...

    So today I went to donate blood on a study break, and when they were taking my stats, I realized what an impact my weight loss and healthy lifestyle change has actually had on my health.  I lowered my resting heart rate to 60, which is very good!  I am not sure exactly what my heart rate was before, but I know for sure it wasn't as low as 60 beats per minute.  Also, and probably more exciting, I lowered my blood pressure to 110/70.  I used to be anywhere around 120/80 (which is about "normal", although they are changing the definition of "normal" to more around 110/70).  Having a blood pressure this low is exciting because it means that I am further away from being hypertensive, which is very unhealthy.  It is amazing to see what an impact healthy eating and exercise has made on my health and general well-being. 
    On another note, I have hit a slight slump in my weight loss, in that I have been strictly following my plan, but haven't lost any weight in the past week.  This is okay though, because after all, it is finals.  And staying at the same weight instead of gaining several pounds from stress and overeating is fine by me.  Also, I've noticed I'm a lot stressed this finals season, but that could be due to my senioritis.  Unfortunately I will probably gain some weight in Cabo from drinking and eating out, but I'll continue my healthy eating once I get back, so it should be okay.
     Speaking of Cabo, I am really excited! I keep imagining myself in the warm sun on the beach, and I can't wait!  Today, some reporters from NBC News knocked on my sorority's door asking if anyone who was going to Mexico for Spring Break would say a few words for their story.  Now first of all, I was in my typical finals get-up, which meant g-phi shirt with obnoxious yellow sweatpants and no make-up.  And the guy was like, "You look fine!"... YEAH RIGHT!  I am not about to go on the news to look like an absolute scrub.  Second of all, the story they were doing was about the danger in Mexico right now.  So obviously, I would look like some idiot sorority girl who is too ignorant to know what is going on down there because all I care about is getting drunk.  Let me just go on the news and make a complete fool of myself... NOT!  I mean, I know Mexico is dangerous right now, and believe me, I AM a little nervous, but we are going to Cabo, which is super white-washed.  And the story they wanted to relate me to was about some couple who got killed in a Mexican town called Ciudad Juarez, which is no where near Cabo.  Anyway, the guy was really pushy and I didn't appreciate it.

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