Saturday, March 20, 2010

If You Like Pina Coladas....

     I have survived yet another finals week!  I think they went relatively well, I am just waiting for my grades now.  I realized this is my last finals week of college because next quarter the classes I am taking don't have finals (or they are 10th week vs. finals week), so I am definitely looking forward to that.  Amidst all the stress and boredom of studying 24/7, there are some things I actually love about finals week.  For instance, since you barely get any sleep, you get super delirious, which is fun because then EVERYTHING is funny.  Also, living in the sorority is fun during finals because instead of not seeing anyone for two weeks (like you would in the dorms or apartments), you actually end up spending quality time with everyone else while you study.  Ok, kinda cheesy, I know... but that's just me!  The few of us at the house who had Friday finals (barf) were starting to go a little crazy, so we held mini dance party study breaks in the dining room and oak room, which was hilarious!  And a few of us put our bikinis on an studied while tanning in the courtyard.  I'm really going to miss stuff like that.

    Since the house is closed for Spring Break, J and I are staying at our other friend's apartment before our flight on Sunday afternoon.  Last night after we were completely done with finals, you would think we would go out or something, but we were both so tired we just watched Gangland and went to bed.  What a life I live!  But about Cabo, I am so excited!  I haven't been on a real vacation like this in a really long time!  I have absolutely nothing to stress about and it is going to be so relaxing!  I will be sure to put a few pictures and stories up on here!


  1. OMG. STOP. I love Gangland. It's like, one of my favorite shows. I have seasons 1-3 on my computer at home. Which episodes did you watch?? lol

  2. Juliette and I LOVE that show. We have seen the one about the Nazi gangs, MS-13, the Bloods (NBC division), etc.... crazy shit!

  3. MS13 is my favorite gang ever. Also, did you know you can go on an LA gang tour? I asked Casper to take me for my birthday.