Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clinic - Take 3

Yesterday, we had our second anatomy practical.  It wasn't too bad, I accidentally mistook the anus for a vagina, but hey, it happens to the best of us!  A bunch of us dressed like uteri in honor of studying the pelvis.  Yep, dressing like uteri, that's what med school is all about!

Last night, we all went to a fundraiser for MEDICOS Nicaragua (Fall Ball).  Basically, it was a high school dance for med students, but fun nonetheless!

(haha Jade and I did a prom pose)

I almost bailed out on going to clinic this morning since I knew last night would be a late one, but I decided to go anyway (since this is one of very few free weekends).  I am SO glad I decided to go!  I absolutely LOVED Paul Hom Asian Clinic (my favorite so far).  The patients were amazing, the students were so nice, and the doctors were really fun to work with!  Today was a musculoskeletal day, so we had an orthopedist doctor there and a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor.  They were so awesome to talk to!  Today was really cool because I really enjoyed dealing with musculoskeletal problems.  I wasn't really considering going into ortho, and to be honest, I had never even heard of PM&R, but I am a little interested in both now.  It excites me to be interested in more things than just OB/Gyn.  I wanna keep some options open, ya know?  And to top off a great day at clinic, I even got to learn how to draw blood on an MS2!  I'm not gonna lie, I was really scared.  After that whole fainting incident, I have been scared that I am a big wuss deep down, but I did it!  And I got it right the first time!  I guess I am not a total failure :P  I would definitely consider this another "medical school milestone".

I have been feeling a teeny bit homesick, so I am going to Apple Hill on Sunday with my family!  Can't wait to go, I haven't been in YEARS!

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