Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little visit to La La Land

Thanks to a cheap deal on Southwest,  I spent the three day weekend visiting some friends in LA.  I love when Southwest has cheap deals.  I really should get one of those rapid reward account things.

Anyway,  I got to see people I missed very much and we had such a fun time eating, going out, and walking on Venice beach in 80 degree weather!  PS- Sac is like 30 degrees these days....

Anyway, here are a few pics from our Venice beach excursion.  Unfortunately I did not capture any photos from our lobster pizza fiasco (can you say "most awkward situation of 2011"?!)  I took a "vacation" from my diet for the trip since half the fun of visiting friends is eating out.  Unfortunately, I gained back all the weight I lost in the last two weeks in a matter of three days.  Ooopsie!  That's okay!  Back on the healthy train!

Speaking of the healthy train, today I went to my primary care provider to get some blood work done.  My dad has extremely high cholesterol and the rest of his side of the family doesn't trust Western medicine/never goes to the doctor so I have no idea what their levels are like.  I figured it would be good to just know where I stand because its something I will probably just have to be extra careful about.  While I was getting blood work done anyway, my doctor ordered glucose levels, TSH, CBC, etc too.  Might as well just make sure everything is fine!  I'm still waiting for my results.  I hope everything is normal!  One good thing is that I noticed my blood pressure was nice and low (116/71) which is good.  I don't wanna have to worry about hypertension any time soon.

Anyway, enough of my jibber jabber - here are some pictures of the weirdos at Venice (there were more out than usual)... oh and my friends :P

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