Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Trader Joe's Parking Lot Might Send People To Anger Management

   The other day I almost lost my shit in the Trader Joe's parking lot.

   Let's back track a little bit.  First, let me tell you what the Trader Joe's parking lot is like.  It's WAY too small, and poorly designed, so there are never enough spaces and everyone is in eachother's way.  And I don't know what it is about the people that shop there, but even when they see 6 cars waiting in line for a parking spot, they take their sweet time putting their groceries in their trunk.

   Now I'll tell you a little about myself (in case you don't already know me).  I am a very easy-going person.  I rarely get mad, and I usually don't even get that mad when I do.  When things upset me, I am much more likely to get sad than mad.

   So the other day, I'm waiting for a parking spot in a long line of cars, and finally it's my turn to get my spot.  And just as I'm waiting WITH MY BLINKER ON for another car to pass by before I can pull in, some idiot comes into the parking lot through the exit.  I see exactly what he is planning on doing, so I honk to say "hey buddy, I've actually been waiting for that spot!"  But he just ignores me and pulls right into it.  Are you kidding me?! Look dude, I don't like waiting for a spot either, but THERE IS A LINE OF CARS HERE!

  Since my spot was taken, I had to start all over again and go to the front of the parking lot, so I couldn't say anything to him right then.  But I looked to see what he was wearing, so I could say something to him in the store.  I was just so angry!  Normally, when something like that happens, I'm just like, "Meh, that person is a douche! Moving on!" But this time, I was literally shaking because I was so angry.  I knew in my head that it wasn't that big of a deal; I don't know what came over me!

  So when I found him in the store, I walked over to where he was, and I tried to think of something good to say that would put him in his place, but I realized there was really nothing I could say besides, "Hey, that was rude", which wouldn't really get me anywhere.  So I decided, since I didn't have anything good to say, I wouldn't say anything at all.  And at first, I was disappointed in myself, because I felt like I was being passive-aggressive, and not standing up for myself.  But after talking about it and thinking about it more, I realized that it was probably best that I didn't say anything, because it probably wouldn't have solved anything.

  I really surprised myself though.  I can't even remember the last time I got that angry: so angry that I shook.  Who knows, maybe I was really upset about something on some unconscious level, and so my conscious took it out on something trivial.


  1. Hey, it happens. I've had those moments of irrational anger where I want to punch people for doing something not that terrible. Maybe it was also low blood sugar? (Get it? Going into the grocery store? OK...I'm done. :D)

  2. What a jerk, I hate parking wars!! Our Trader Joe's is just like that too.. it's awful! This is a hilarious YouTube video called "Whole Foods Parking Lot" but applies to TJ's too :)

  3. I completely understand that rage. Sometimes people being random assholes can be the most infuriating thing.

  4. I have no idea what it is with Trader Joe's; it seems like they purposefully pick locations that are designed to have the worst possible parking. But yeah, I know the feeling. I've actually lost my shit a few times recently, so perhaps I need to acquire some of your zen?

  5. I literally have to mentally prepare myself for TJ shopping. Do some deep breathing in the car.