Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting All My "Girly-girl" Urges Out Before Surgery

   Just finished my shelf exam for the psych rotation.  The good news: I'm all done (pretty sure I passed).  The bad news: I felt a lot of the questions were way out of left field, so I don't think I have any chance of honoring.  Oh well, at least I got good evaluations!  Psych was fun, and I learned a LOT about people, but I'm excited to have a break from crazy people.  
   Next up for me is surgery, which I'm excited for.  We get a week-long "summer break" before we start, so I am going camping on the beach in Oregon again (look out for a post on that later).  I am really excited because we had such a great time last year, and it will be a really nice mini-vacation.  Then, later next week BF's mom is in town from the East Coast, so I'm excited to meet her!  I wish we got a week off between all the rotations *sigh*.
   Anyway, I am interested to see what surgery is gonna be like.  I really have no idea what to expect, so I'm going in with an open mind.  Since scrubbing in will require short, un-polished nails, I took the psych rotation as my last chance to have girly nails.  And naturally, I had to take pics.  


  1. i had my psych shelf today too and agree it was random... a lot of the questions were so vague! enjoy your vacation!

  2. if any one can make surgery fabulous, i'm sure its you!

  3. How long was your psych rotation?? I swear you started before we did and our third years took their psych shelf today too.

    Enjoy vacation!! And I hope you like surgery more than I did, although that won't be difficult haha.

  4. Most of my friends really disliked the surgery hours but the general consensus was that it's better if you're a girl! The male surgeons tend not to be as mean to you. Pretty in pink nails! Love it.