Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Love Him More Than Mac N Cheese

   We must have met one of the first days of orientation for med school.  I say it like that, because I don't distinctly remember when or how we met.  During orientation, we were meeting 95 other classmates, so that all blurs together for me.  Funny enough, BF remembers exactly how we met.  It was one of those first few days of med school orientation, and BF introduced himself to me, just like to any of our other classmates.  At the time, we were both in other outside-med school relationships coming into that year.  BF recalls, "you were really stuck up, and seemed like you were not interested in meeting me at all," and so naturally, he didn't care for me.  I, on the other hand, was indifferent.  
   Fast forward through the first two years of med school.  We were acquaintances, not much more than just classmates.  We eventually ended up in the same circle of friends, though not super close with each other.  We each went through a couple additional flings and short-lived relationships in the meantime, never really being single at the same time.  
   One fateful evening, our shared circle of friends planned to dine out at a really expensive restaurant for a special event they were having.  At the last minute, everyone flaked out except me, BF and our mutual friend L.  At dinner, I complained about my latest fling, and how I expected more (love) out of a relationship.  BF agreed, and talked about how he expected the same thing, but hadn't found it yet.  L sat at that dinner table, and watched as sparks flew.

  The next day, I had lunch with one of our other friends, E, who I told, "You know, I'm tired of looking for something.  I'm just gonna sit back, and if something comes to me, that's fine, but I'm gonna take a break."  She replied, "Well, I actually may know of someone who's interested in you... and it's someone in our class."  I was like,"WHAT! WHO?!"  I had absolutely no idea who it could be.  And for whatever reason, BF had just never crossed my mind in that way.  She told me it was him, and she got the "go ahead" from me.  And the next day he called and asked me on a date.  We spent the next week flirting on gchat in class, and going on a couple dates in the evenings, but by the end of that week, which was the third date, we were inseparable.  By inseparable, I mean we spent every day and night together after that.  Even during finals.  Even during boards.  Even during clerkships on third year.  So, then we just eventually moved in together.  And here we are, a year later, living together, with two cats and a puppy, couples-matching next year, and amazingly happy.  

   BF is my best friend, who takes care of me, supports me, loves me and stands by me, and I couldn't ask for more.  Here's to love.  May you appreciate it if you have it, may you find it if you lost it, or may you discover it if you've not yet met it.  


   And here are some random pictures of our anniversary weekend extravaganza! 

Anniversary Dinner

Puppy got tangled in a bush

Puppy LOVES pinecones

Puppy fast asleep at Auntie J's House

My boys :)


  1. Aww thanks for sharing the story behind your relationship! We had a lot of class-cest relationships start in the middle of med school and I always love hearing about how it happens :)

    I can't believe soon it'll be your turn to apply for residency... I'm looking forward to hearing about your couples matching experience!

  2. What a good looking couple! Very sweet!