Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Moments Of Gratitude

   I had already planned to write this post, and then I just happened to see Your Doctor's Wife's most recent post.  What a coincidence!  It must be a gratitude-type-of-day!  

   Since I've snapped out of my mental funk I was in a couple months ago, I've gotten back to being mindful and conscientiously appreciative for all of the things in my life.  It's so much easier to be happy when you just take a second and think about all the things you have to be grateful for, especially the simple ones.  I decided to even take it one step further and start a "journal of gratitude", in order to have a chance to really cement some of the things I'm thankful for - and I'll take any chance I can to get crafty/artsy!

   One thing I was reflecting on the other day, that made me smile while thinking of it, was a moment I experienced while on OB/Gyn.  I'm actually surprised I didn't mention it in one of my posts.  I was on a night shift, and I was heading down to the ED with two of the senior residents to see a consult.  I got along really well with both of them, and they really took me under their wing that night.  Anyway, we were walking down one of the various extremely long hallways of the hospital, just chit-chatting, and the chief resident grabs my arm and the other resident's arm.  Next thing you know, all three of us are skipping down the hallway, with our arms linked, giggling at how ridiculous we were being.  It was awesome.  It was just one of those simple, silly moments that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy. 

   Puppy training is going pretty well for the most part.  We have our good moments and our bad ones. Overall, its hard to stay mad at Melvie for too long because he is so damn cute.  Somehow, I seem to love him more and more everyday.  I was feeling all giddy tonight because he fell asleep on me as I was on my laptop on the couch.  It doesn't seem like a big deal, but I was really happy because that is exactly why I wanted to get a dog.  For moments like those.  (And then to make things even cuter, he was pawing my keyboard as I was typing this.  I think he knew I was blogging about him.)

   And on that note, I somehow managed to spill red wine all over my white macbook as I was writing this, lol.  Cheers, and goodnight!

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