Monday, April 8, 2013

I Better Watch It

   I keep getting random people telling me that they read my blog - people like classmates, acquaintances, etc.  First off, this surprises me.  I have the link to my blog on my facebook, but it's kinda buried, and you won't really see it unless you're looking for it.  Also, I don't post links directing people to my blog on facebook or anything.  The second reason this surprises me, is because I guess I assume my blog is boring, and who would want to read it?  I mean, I write it because it's cathartic, and I like being connected with the medical blog community, but I guess it's kinda cool that people are actually interested in my thoughts.

   But I think the one thing that I'm realizing is that I need to be careful.  I decided a while back to make my blog anonymous, so that if you don't already know me, you can't easily figure out who I am, but if you do know me, you'll know everything about me.  Does that make sense? Haha clear as mud.  But yeah, I've been careful not to name any names, and make stories about patients loosely based on reality so that no one's personal information is compromised.  But now I'm beginning to worry that I might not be quite secretive enough.  It's a fine balance, because I want to get things off my chest, however, I don't want my rants to fall into the wrong hands and get me into trouble.  I suppose I'll just continue to write as though anyone could potentially be reading this blog, though that may cause me to leave out some of the good stuff ;)


  1. I found your blog via Medical Mondays and I'm having so much! I've been reading random posts all weekend!!! I enjoy reading memoir books, and that's why I truly enjoy reading your posts. They're real. You talk about your feelings and life in med school and that's why it's so enjoyable.

  2. I wouldn't stress too much - your reference to patient stories, and other folks in your life is pretty vague. and sort of like you said- I don't think the average joe (who doesn't know you in 'real life') would really take away too much personal info.

    ...and your blog is GREAT. I love reading about your experiences, and how REAL your posts are. try not to over edit yourself...keep blogging!