Monday, March 21, 2011

I've got the black lung, pop.

I spent the second half of my spring break in LA visiting friends and bf, where my wonderful souvenir from Vegas first appeared (a nasty cough).  So now I am studying for my Immuno final and hacking up a lung.  How appropriate?

Anyway, the trip to LA was fun!  J and I had a lovely time singing and car-dancing while I DJed for the drive.  Got to see lots of my Gphi friends once in LA, and even got to visit the Gphi house for a bit!  The girls and I went out to some Irish bar for St. Patty's and got Bella Pita after, just like old times.  And of course, NO trip to LA is complete without a Panera meal with the ladies.  J and I encountered some pouring rain in LA and some snow on the grapevine on the drive back, but we made it through!  Here are some pics:


Gotta love Mongol King

Botanical Garden at UCLA

We got stalked by some squirrels...

Veggie Grill! Just as good as Native Foods!

Snowy Grapevine

California Open Road

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  1. Snowy grapevine, can't believe it!!! Great photos babe!