Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gettin' Lucky For Spring Break!

Right before spring break, I helped organize a fundraiser for a student group I am in at school - MSFC (Medical Students For Choice).  The MSFC regional meeting is coming up in San Francisco in a few weeks, so we did a fun little Shamrock Gram sale to raise money to help pay for gas.  We sold glittery, homemade shamrock cards with green, mint flavored condoms and peppermint patties attached (just in time for spring break and St. Patty's Day).


We took orders and had people write messages on their Shamrock Condom Grams that they bought for their friends, and then we delivered them to people's lockers one morning before class!  The locker room looked really cool with all the Shamrocks/condoms hanging.  Our fundraiser did pretty well, but most of all, it was just plain fun! 

***I totally forgot to put these last few pictures in this post when I originally posted it.  This is MSFC getting crafty in preparation for the fundraiser:

Zoey being nosy 

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