Wednesday, January 25, 2012


   My last year at UCLA, when I was applying to medical school, I decided to watch the entire series of ER sequentially.  ER has 15 seasons, each with a ton of hour-long episodes, so this would be no easy feat.  Especially since the show isn't streamed on Netflix, so I have to watch it the old fashioned way - one DVD at a time.  Anyway, I watched several seasons that year, got through a few last year (during my first year of med school), but this year, I have been hard-pressed to find time to watch it.  I have been on season 11 since my second year of med school started, and I have had the same disc out for a few months now.  Just goes to show you how busy med school gets.  I still plan on finishing the series, it's just going a little slower now.
   A couple of months ago, we had one of our simulation sessions, where we go to the simulation center in the hospital, and perform a code on a dummy.  It was really entertaining, because none of us knew what we were doing.  We decided to take a "serious ER-style" picture.

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  1. I love this.

    I did something similar with Grey's Anatomy...unfortunately about a month before I started studying for Step One. No bueno. I had to basically cut it out of my life altogether for a month and a half....but getting back into it was the best reward ever.