Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

   It's official! I'm all moved in with BF.  The move wasn't too painful - I brought over a box here and there for the weeks leading up, so we didn't have too much to take care of on moving day.  Unfortunately, I still have lots of unpacking and organizing to do on top of studying for surgery, but we'll get there.  BF and I are still really excited about the whole thing, and I love living together so far!  Well, it's not much different than what we've been doing for the past months...

    Anyway, the kitties are getting along fabulously.  Baby Z has calmed down, and her "I'll-hiss-at-you-if-you-come-any-closer-radius" gets smaller and smaller every day.  In the end, I think they'll both grow to enjoy eachother's company, especially when BF and I are gone for long hours in the hospital.  

They like to sit in the doorways to block eachother's paths, just to mess with eachother

Hey look - everybody's happy!


  1. Congrats, and I love the cat photos. You capture cat behaviour so accurately.

  2. Lol...the cats will start getting along soon hopefully! Hilarious pics in the meantime.. :)