Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

   I can't believe I got my very first blog award!  And the One Lovely Blog Award is from one of my favorite bloggers, C, from Med School And The Rest Of It, whose blog I've been reading since I started med school.  Thanks, C! I love your blog!

   There are a ton of wonderful blogs out there, many of which have already gotten this award, so I'd like to pass along the award to:

  • Amanda @ Charming Wholesomeness: A brilliant, hilarious grad student in genetics who writes about feminism, good books, and cracks me up all the time.  
  • Laura @ Stethoscopes And Stories: A very insightful new third year med student who is going through all the same struggles as me.
  • Tanya @ Hemobloggin: A spunky fourth year med student who is going through the journey of applying for residency and giving me a glimpse of what lies ahead.

   Be sure to check out these other great blogs!  And thanks again, C!


  1. You're too sweet! Thank you!

    I would have tagged you, but... :p

  2. congrats girl! that's awesome!