Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zoey, Meet Sif, Your New Little Brother...

   I'm still somewhere in moving limbo these days because we haven't found a replacement roommate for me yet.  Hopefully, that will get resolved soon.  Anyway, I've begun moving a few things here and there over to BF's place, and this weekend, I moved Zoey (my cat) over.  Zoey, aka Baby Z, is a 16-pound, outrageously fluffy, super sassy, 11-year-old ragdoll cat who used to be my family's pet.  She tends to be on the more irritable end of the mood spectrum, but she has her cute and cuddly moments too. 
Sif on the other side of the screen

    BF and I have been a little nervous about the two kitties meeting because I already knew Z hates other cats.  We started them out with a screen between them, just in case Z got violent.  Slowly, she has been getting used to Sif (Bf's cat).  She started out aggressive and angry, but a few days later, she is just annoyed by him.  Sif, on the other hand, is super adorable, and just wants to play.  He keeps following her around because he is curious about her, which pisses her off - and it's HILARIOUS.  

Staredown across the screen
Zoey - hissing at Sif

   She'll come around.  She's already made some pretty good progress.  Pretty soon they'll be besties!


  1. Besties are how it almost always works out; for that we are grateful to the animal kingdom for its realization that although there are no equals, there are also few mortal enemies. Rodney King would be so proud.

  2. My dog hates other dogs so I totally get your trepidation at having them meet. But i bet they'll be best of friends soon!