Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lost My 'Girly-girlness' For a Second - But I Found It!

   Ever since the Great Sephora Splurge of 2011*, I banned myself from stepping foot into a Sephora, because I am incapable of handling myself in that store.  I had been really good about it for about a year, and then I got a Sephora giftcard for my birthday...  So yesterday, I took BF with me to Sephora, and I immediately remembered why I placed a ban on myself in the first place.  That store is so overwhelming, in a good way.  I just walk in, and there are so many pretty things to look at! And SO SHINEY!  I just want everything there!!!  BF thought it was entertaining.  

  So, I love having my nails painted, but one of the things that drives me crazy is how fast they chip.  A solution to this problem is getting a gel manicure, where the polish lasts at least 2 weeks, however, you used to have to get these in the salon, and I refuse to pay $20-30 to get my nails done.  A while ago, I looked into the little UV lights that set the gel polish to see if I could maybe do my own gel manicures at home, but even with my aunt's beautician license, they were still $200-$300, so that was a no-go.  BUT Sephora just came out with a new line of do-it-at-home gel nail polishes with a UV light kit, all for $160!  I HAD TO HAVE IT... 

   So far, I just started out with the nude shade since I'll still be scrubbing in on gynecology surgeries in the next few weeks, but I already love it!  

   Also, I've been wanting to get my hair cut for a long time now, but I've just been dragging my feet because it takes so long to grow out.  But finally, this weekend, I just said, "Ah, WTF... I'll just go for it!"  So here it is... And I love it!  Hopefully it isn't too much work in the mornings...

* Great Sephora Splurge of 2011 - Last year in the fall, after bombing a quiz, Mama J and I went to Sephora for a little retail therapy.  $250 later (more then I'm usually comfortable spending in one sitting), and I decided to ban myself from the store until further notice and mandated myself to actually use all the products I bought on a daily basis to make it worth it.