Saturday, September 1, 2012

Is It Normal To Feel High During A NSVD?

   First week of L&D is complete, and I absolutely love it.  The team is pretty nice, but I'm still waiting for a few of them to warm up to me - all in good time.  I absolutely love the patients.  I just being the "go-to girl" for all their "intimate issues".
   Yesterday, I was observing another NSVD (normal spontaneous vaginal delivery), and AGAIN had to keep myself under control to stop myself from crying tears of joy.  I just can't help it!  Everyone in the room is just so different after a birth.  The awaiting family is standing by with their cameras at the ready and ginormous grins on their faces.  The new mom can't take her eyes off her precious new baby, whispering, "I love you so much already" into baby's ear. All the physicians and nurses (even the ones who are usually cold and intense in all other situations), are giddy with excitement and congratulating the new mom on her wonderful job well done.  And last but not least, my very favorite part of all: the new dad is wiping tears of joy from his eyes, kissing mom on the forehead, with a look on his face that screams this is the happiest moment of his life.  This might not sound normal, but I swear, the feeling I get while all of this is going on feels like I'm high on happy drugs.  How could I not love doing this every day?!
   I know, every birth is different.  Each family experiences the important event differently.  And every once in a while, the event is somber or tense.  But if I could just participate in a birth as miraculous as yesterday every once in a while, it would make it all worth it.  I think - I hope - I've found my calling.


  1. How wonderful to find your passion! Yay you! ;)

  2. Oh wow, it's so great to read a story about someone enjoying OB-GYN. I can't wait to experience this as a physician. I was fortunate enough to witness my sister give birth to my niece and it was certainly an experience. Well I'm glad that you enjoyed the moment.



  3. Having help deliver (and actually deliver!) approximately 6,000 of those little ones, I can safely say, the high is definitely a natural one! I am glad to see you love that area of expertise because that really adds to the experience for the moms and of course, for yourself also! .

    I worked L&D in East Bay SF and loved it there. Sacramento is my next fav place!

  4. Welcome to the club! I cried for all the births I witnessed that I wasn't gowned-up for- paying attention to the placenta, any lacerations requiring suture, etc. makes you focus a little less on the transformation and creation of a new family around you... Soak it all in and enjoy!

  5. I loved my OB/GYN rotation... and the moment I heard that first cry, I always had to fight back tears of my own, too. I think my favorite thing about this field is just that: it's the only one where doctors are sought out to be part of a joyous moment instead of one of life's low points.

    Congrats on potentially finding your future. :)

    K (I's and O's)

  6. That's great you have found a specialty you love! I'm only a second year, but I'm always thinking about what it is I'm going to fall in love with

  7. loved reading this...such an amazing & inspiring post!! happy to hear you've found something that you're truly drawn to...