Thursday, September 27, 2012

All My Crafting Is Paying Off

   I've realized surgery (and medical procedures in general) are very much like arts and crafts.  You have to have a lot of concentration, and not get bored with being meticulous with your movements.  I observed a sacrocolpopexy the other day, and I was strangely reminded of some kind of basket weaving or needle work.

   I've also realized that OB/Gyn is all of the good things I liked about surgery (the OR, doing procedures, quick-to-the-point rounds, "fixing" your patient)... but without all of the things I hated about surgery (not liking or not caring about patients' well-being, competitive patriarchal culture, etc).

   This week, I was scrubbed in on a gyn surgery, and the team let me close the skin.  I am always rusty and awkward when I start suturing, but as I move along the incision and relax more, I get smoother and faster.  When I finally finished sewing up this lady's abdomen, the attending came over to check my handy work, and she goes, "Wow! What do you wanna go into? Plastic surgery or something?!"

Me: "No, I wanna go into OB/Gyn!"

Her: "Oh good! You're hired! Your C-section patients will love you!  Just skip 4th year of med school.  You don't learn anything then anyway.  Just start residency now."

   If only they could see my smile and bright red face underneath my mask...


  1. oh how nice! i need a suturing and knot tying tutorial from you missy. i totally froze up in the OR the other day and couldn't get my tie correct.

  2. What a great story! You sound like you'll make a great surgeon.

  3. Great post and what a fantastic compliment. Thanks for linking up with us today at Medical Monday's:-)

  4. Way to go!

    My old boss told me that when his wife interviewed for vet school in the early 60's they actually asked her about her sewing experience. Can you imagine?

    After I delivered my daughter the fellow apologized for "taking so long to suture". Seriously? "Take your time! My vagina is important to me!" I was her last case before heading to private practice. A good suture job is important :)

  5. The perk of having a surgeon in the family? Anytime any of us need sutures, my husband calls in plastics! :)

  6. Thanks for link up for Med Monday! Always enjoy reading your posts!

  7. Hey, I just found your blog through Med Monday! I'm an M1 at Wayne State in Detroit. Looking forward to reading about your experiences in medicine :)

  8. That must have felt AMAZING to hear the attending say that! WIN.